Wednesday, October 05, 2005


(Note: all websites were accessed on 05/10/05)


• Dr Adam Graycar - Director, Australian Institute of Criminology -
• The Geek Squad -

Books/ Journals: *** = key books ** = Posible interest (all others good read around subject books)

"Geek Chic" by Neil Feineman ISBN 0500285616 ***
"Geek Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Geek Culture" by Neil Feineman ISBN 1584232056
"Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids: How a Gang of Geeks Beat the Odds and Stormed Las Vegas" by David Kushner ISBN: 1400064074 **
"The Geeks of War" by John Edwards ISBN: 0814408524
"Cyberselfish: High-tech and the True Revenge of the Nerds" by Paulina Borsook ISBN: 1891620789
"The Geek Handbook" by HALPIN ISBN: 0671036866
"When the Kissing Had to Stop: Cult Studs, Khmer Newts, Langley Spooks, Techno-Geeks, Video Drones, Author Gods, Serial Killers, Vampire Media, Alien" by John Leonard ISBN: 1565846435 **

Web-sites: - Neuromancer book in full - geek and cyber criminal cartoons,1284,17793,00.html

Female Geeks/Cyber Criminals:

• Trinity - Matrix
• Max - Dark Angel
• Kate Libby (aka 'Acid Burn') - Hackers
• Angela Bennett/Ruth Marx - The Net
• Willow Rosenberg - Buffy the Vampia Slayer
• Dr. Beth Halperin - Sphere
• B'Elanna Torres - Star Trek: Voyager
• Dr. Ellie Sattler - Jurassic Park
• Fred - Angel (maths and physics geek)
• Gadget Hackwrench - Disney's Rescue Rangers
• Jordan Cochran - Real Genius
• Kaylee - Firefly
• Lex - Jurassic Park
• Linda McKay - Hollow Man
• Lora - Tron
• Lieutenant Nyota Uhura - Star Treck: The original series


MIT usage: (1) Exploring or visiting out-of-the-way places. Usually involves roofs, tunnels, or places behind locked doors around the MIT campus. Example usages include "I'm going hacking tonight" or "the hacking community". Related to the noun hack, involving a creative and non-destructive prank, but not the proper verb form of the noun. (2) Working, usually involving programming. "I was hacking code all night.

Electonic Vandals
Recreational Trespassing
Breaking and Entering (B&E)
Spelunking (Urban Spelunking)
Hacking Crews
Forbidden zone
Hacking ethics
The Game


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