Sunday, October 16, 2005

Our Identity as Women on the Net

Iv been looking around the net and found a cool site looking at there FAQ I found this

"What is OBN? OBN stands for Old Boys Network. OBN is regarded as the first international Cyberfeminist alliance and was founded in 1997 in Berlin. Since the early days the network keeps changing due to changing members. OBN is a real and a virtual coalition of Cyberfeminists. Under the umbrella of the term 'Cyberfeminism', OBN contributes to the critical discourse on new media, especially focussing on its gender-specific aspects."

Iv had a flick though there people list and there is a very big array of Females who are members working on all sorts of projects. Some are 'activists' to me that means they run close to the edge. But untill I check them out more I could not posibly say.

I have been thinking tho. Do we have a sexuality in cyber space? Male and female becomes blured online we are what we say we are. Through all of my research Im comeing accross references to women finding it hard to learn technics and tricks to be cyber criminals or just geeks, and this is all down to being female. Why does being female hold us back and would saying we are men make any difference.

In my life I have found peoples reactions to me as a computer "wiz" as iv been called to be one of shock. I don't fit in with the steriotype of a computer geek. First Im a woman and then I don't ware glasses, don't have buck teeth and don't tell binary jokes.

Why is being a woman who like and uses computers such a freek to be?

To add horror to horror I also like fast cars (I own a sports car, no one said being a Geek you had to be poor lol), I like and understand football but its not as good as cars and I can drink as well as any guy I no. I have also been told that Im not that bad looking being 6foot tall usualy helps that out.

There must be other female Geeks and cyber criminals out there that don't fit the steriotype. I put a call out to you if your there. Drop me a comment and if your a Male Geer or cyber criminal drop me a line as well and tell me if you fit in with the steriotypes or not.



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