Monday, November 07, 2005

Keeping up to date 2

Ok I have not added anything to my blog for a few days so I am going to do a quick sum up of what iv been up to.

I was preparing for my presntation to Jen and the rest of the class. I will add the slides to another post after this one to keep them as a record. It went well and I got some good feedback that I will add after this blog.

Its reading week this week so im working my way though all the books and papers Iv got to read. Its taking a long time but im comeing up with a lot off cool ideas. That im righting down on the papers and things as I read them.

I have a new toy it types when I talk. I got it from the Mac Expo I went to. So that should speed up my dissitation.

I have also writen out all of my Bibliography references and I will type them up when I have a spare mo.

I think that is about it for know.



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