Monday, November 28, 2005

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday I tryed out an experiment to see what people in town would do if they found a postit with an email address on it.

I wrote on the postit. "What did you do with this note? Email me" and then stuck them all round town. I stuck about 30 in different places.

The next day how ever it rained which could have distroyed them and when I went back around the root I walked to place them. I could not find any even the ones inside had gone.

When checking my emails I found that I had one saying

"I took your note home and wrote this email.
Are you pleased to hear from me?"

I have since had a reply to my request for more information about this person age and why ect.

I dunno why I e-mailed.
I'm the sort of person that would...
asl == 17/m/holmfirth, u?
I play guitar, enjoy listening to music, favorite band is bruce springsteen.
I go to greenhead college and also enjoy climbing and mountaineering.
Has anyone else replied to your notes?

Very intersting but he is still the only one to have replyed to me


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