Monday, November 28, 2005

This weekend

This weekend i'v been watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" seassion 6 for my dissertation and thinking more about my project.

Iv been thinking about things I can collect that are me.

Im collecting everything I type, I can collect my music stuff from my Itunes, Im going to collect where I move with a GPS when they come in. Im collecting my hair into a jar as I find it in the bathroom. But im trying to think about what else defines me.

Iv got all of my emails since I got this laptop so I could use those. The sent Iteams folder.

I need to do a brain storm of what defines me and then look for ways to capture that. I was thinking Blood and DNA but that could be a bit tricky.

After talking to Jen about the Stanhope Idea she sugested using a slide film as that would make good quality images and make them relatively small. (Microfilm-look at) She also sujested the peep hole things you get in frount doors. I looked at these and I can pick up 10 for £2 something at screw fix direct website.


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