Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Proposal

White Rabit

On the trail of the Hybrid Cyber Female

We all have multi facet to our personalities. We are made up of different parts be it a mix of geek, hero or villain etc. In my research iv been looking at hybrid women in particular Willow from "Buffy the Vampier Slayer" and I also consider myself as a Hybrid Cyber Female.

I feel that this is relevant and current because as technology becomes more and more a part of our every day life we are starting to question our selves as female and male. There are more and more documentaries about peoples sexuality and the search for them selves. This project will find the essence of myself as a hybrid cyber female and may help others to find themselves.

During my research I have also become interested in an elusive little souvenir called a Stanhope. This souvenir would have a small hole that you would peep into (a peep hole) to view a picture. These little shows could be found in such things as letter openers, pipes, knives, thimbles, cigarette lighters etc.

The picture inside these objects started off being of places and famous landmarks but soon became a clever way for men to look at "sexy" pictures of women with out being found out.

I can not use this technology because the lens and the image have to be so small and I could not possibly make this my self and If I was to buy it in it would cost the earth. There for I plan to use the concept of a secret image rather than the object its self.

I plan to explore what it is that makes me as a woman? What is my essence? and explore and experiment with technologies such as tracking devices, photography, illustrations, mobile phone videos and any other technology that I find along the way. As I am made up of lots of different things so my project should me made up of different technologies.

My target audience will be the every day person as I want my exploration of my self to possibly help them to understand them selves. This could cause problems as the every day person is a very hard audience to please.

The next steps to take are:

• Explore what makes me a woman
• What is my essence
• What technology can I use to represent / show this
• Experiment and explore


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