Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Buffy madness

This weekend just gone I spent the Friday to Monday watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for my dissertation and research for my project.

I have found and been told of some disterbing effects that have happened to me.

One I did not see or speek with any other people during these 4 days and so was in total icelation and in afect I was in Buffy Land.

The things that happend to me was that I started to think Buffy and her friends were reall. I went to bed one night thinking that Vampiers exsisted as they are show in the program. I have also aparently started talking like one of the characters (Anya) and not even the one im studieing.

I was told by a close friend that my manarisums have change along with the way I talk. He also said that I was doing the stumbaly muttering thing that Willow does. So I have taken on her trates as well.

I do no that I pick up peoples accents very easaly this is a family thing as my dad will do it as well but much faster than me. This could explane me talking in a new way.

Looking at it deeply I feel I relate to Willow however the Character Anya has more freedome and my subconsious like Willow must want to aspire to be more like her with the way she can be more blunt and forth right and not worry what other people think of her.

This could be something interesting to look into and research more into for my project as it makes up part of me.


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