Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dissertation Feedback

Here is my dissertation feedback from Stuart about my draft I handed in

1) I'd like to see more references to specific episodes
2) Consider Carrie as a reference - Magick as sexuality out of control. - Magick as a pubity metiphor
3) Look for conclusions in this text
5) Paragraph tagging and laying out on the floor to see if sections can be joined together
6) Read it aloud - does it sound right. (good for grammer)

Stuart read though my dissertation and except for the 6 points above and the bits that I wanted to add anyway (conclusion, more theory references, primary research and parafrazing references) the only other things he noted were spellings, grammer and bits that need more elabertation.

All in all he said its good. Im dead chuffed!!! Iv never had a piece of righting that has been good its always been rubbish so Im over the moon. :)


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