Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ok so my key logger is recording all of my text and creating a text file. My GPS is recording my movements and creating a text file. I tryed to fake a gps text file and as its just date, time, longitude, latitude and altitude its simple cuz its just numbers in a structure. This got me thinking when you read the text file the key logger is recording that has date and time codes as well and then its just text. If I could convert the text to numbers and apply some rules then i could turn the key logger file into a gps file and it would draw a funky picture.

This got me thinking. If each letter has a number to represent it ie a=1 b=2 and so on then words have a number. Then we just need to apply some rules to turn them into gps numbers.

eg the word - modest mouse (typed on the 11/18/2005 at 16:01:10) becomes 1315451920131521195 this is changed into the gps readings of
T 11/18/2005 16:01:10 13.15451 -1.92013 15.2

However the numbers 1195 are left over they are still in the same time and date therefor I cant add them to the next text therefor I need to create a rule. If there is not enuff letters to create all the numbers that are needed then a zero will be added at the end to fill in the spaces. So the 1195 creates a gps reading of
T 11/18/2005 16:01:10 11.95000 0.00000 0.0

I could change all of the text from the key logger into numbers and gps readings manualy however this will take an age cuz the 11/18/05 is 21 pages long and this will take a long time just to create one day. Therefor I need to create a program that will chage it for me.

If I could get this program to work in real time then as I type it would be creating images in the gps. This could be very interesting.

I just need to work out how to make the program that does it!!!!



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