Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I think that im going to use Processing to create my final piece. It is a free to download software and as it says on there site.

" The Processing environment is written in Java. Programs writen in Processing are also translated to Java and then run as Java programs. Programs written in Java and Processing will usually run faster than programs based on scripting languages like ActionScript and Lingo, which is important for many graphics applications.

Large distinctions between Processing and Java are the Processing graphics library and a simplified programming style that doesn't require users to understand more advanced concepts like classes, objects, or animation and double-buffering (while still making them accessible for advanced users). Such technical details must be specifically programmed in Java, but are integrated into Processing, making programs shorter and easier to read.

In the comparison below, Java 1.1 syntax is used for the drawing functions and events because it is most compatible with displaying Java Applets on the web."

However I am not good at programing so this could course problems. I can plan out what I want to happen its just getting all the things in the right place that could couse me a few problems. However If we are alowed to have outside help then this makes the problem easyer as I work with a programer outside of uni who is a good at all things code. This would leave me to deal with the more important things to me the how look and feel of the thing rather than the nitty gritty, muck and bulits.

Don't get me wrong I can understand and change code once its there but creating it out of thin air know thats a hole new ball game.

I will see any ways. I might be able to get away with not needing code at all but if I want to make something recognise someone is there and make the pretty things Iv just highlighed in the blog before this then I need some code.


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