Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final Idea

Ok Iv had a long long think about my final project and how it should look and iv come up with some cool ideas but the one I like the most is this. (for the other ideas see my note book)

Ok picture this its a black room. You walk in and there are cusions on the floor and it looks a bit like a bed. Its all black sept for a projection accross the 2 walls and the celling but its very faint and does not do anything as you walk in.

You lie down on the floor and get comfee. You are wearing a pair of gloves you were given that look like conductors gloves. You were told to wave your arm round and round in a circle to get started and so you do. As you do the images from the projector starts to get more and more strong and some music starts (classical) and you find that as you move your hands you can control the patterns and words that are being projected onto the walls and celing. You can move things about and shift words and data by moving your hands.

This room represents my mind and the way that hidden data is kept and how I rember it and sometimes I dont want to and it feels like it slips though my finggers. Memorys, data, people all flotting about.

When you deside to leave you get up and the music fades and so do the images and text and it all slips back into the forgotton. You leave the room and so leave my mind and my world.

I don't no how I will get this to work properly as I will need to use a camera to recognice hand movements and then to move the images and words around. I will need technical help for this.



Blogger Rudy Wellsand said...

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