Friday, December 16, 2005

Presentation Feed Back


This is a really good start to your project, however there was some confusion about how your initial research contributes to your current idea. Keep thinking through how your ideas can become a real project, give yourself a deadline of the beginning of next term to fix on something.

When you describe the type recording software as a kind of spyware for companies, I was reminded of an artist called Sophie Calle who hired a Private Detective to follow herself.
You might also be interested in Teri Reub who does mobile projects, putting content into particular spaces.
How does your work relate to your dissertation? Are people exploring you whilst they are exploring the environment? How will the audience see the connections between the words? What is the text that you are distributing through the space? If people are exploring you through the city, how are you equating the city with your brain or your body. Are they both networks of some kind? There is a history of the body being seen as a landscape, and a text and a machine which might be interesting to you. Is it a distributed portrait? When its collected it makes something new. Does it matter what sentences people come up with? Do you have to be more precise about the content? There is a problem in a random system that you often only get meaning less stuff out of it. How do you focus what comes from it?
If you let the technology inform the project you can think about how you really use the features of the technology to do something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gps it could be Bluetooth perhaps.


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