Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Derren Brown

Iv been interested in Derren Brown ever since I first saw his show in the first year of Uni. Iv been to one of his live performances and after watching his latest show on TV tonight entitled 'The Heist" I desided to visit his website to check out any new updates. To my delite he has a new flash site

And this flash site is in the exact style I want to use for my project. Dark, scarry and with the hint of paranoia. The broken mirror and the way the images are show is just perfect. That grainy feel. I want to creat for real.

I want my room I creat to have that uncomfortable feeling to it. I will use audio affects as they have on this site to make this happen. Possibly a tv playing some video or something on a computer screen. Im going to also look into subliminal techinces simular to Derrens.


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