Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My fave Murder and Storking

Iv been thinking about my final project and I don't think I can do anything that's coded. Iv looked at processing and its all a lode of mumbo jumbo to me and Max/MSP costs the earth so unless I can get a copy of that and learn it. I don't think im going to be doing any codeing. Iv been trying to think what to do.

I need to have a solid Idea when I go back after xmas and Im just stressing my self out just thinking about it. I can't come up with a cool Idea.

I just re-read my project proposal and that told me what I was thinking of doing but I don't no it all sounds rubbish know. I want to start all over again and go back to what im good at. Dark murder stuff.

Do you think I can make this one into murder. I could go on the Dark Willow side and that every one has a secret and some peoples are murder. I could make a really nice dark murder sceen with mobile phone video evidence and all sorts of crime sceen evidence. That could be quite cool.

Student pushed over the edge kills uni friend due to presher of final year. I could mock up the hole sceen or the killers room with news paper clippings and storker type photos. What do you think. And though in a hint of the Ocult just for good mesure.

Power and Magic all in one big bag.


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