Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Murder Idea

Iv been thinking about this idea a bit more and its starting to sound more interesting. I like the idea of secret and hidden information that has been a big thing though out this project. The Stanhopes the Stnography. What if I create a room full of hidden information its all one big message. And I could base it on my fave subject of the dark side of a person.

Jen has told me about that artist that had a privet detective follow her around. I could do something simular to that. The GPS tracks my movements. The keylogger tracts my text. What if some one was storking me. What if I had a split personality and I was tracking my self. I could be storking my self or some one could be storking me. All the text all the movement and I could make it into a big storkers paradis room. Photos of me. The text the GPS and then make up fake news paper clippings and all sorts to make it look like im some one famouse.

The obsession and the tracking. Im shore I can think of something to tie in Willow to it as well. Eather the fact that its showing the hybrid elements of me though this malishuse tracking or the fact that its an exhibition of power the same as Willow exhibits her powe but though the Magicks and how that is a type of controle and how the storking/tracking is a type of controle.

I will think about it abit more and come back to the idea. Sleep on it so to say.

Im going to have a look at my dissertation today and get it a bit more sorted.



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