Wednesday, June 14, 2006

D day

Iv not put anything in my blog since April because I moved over to more technical things and so put my work into my site as a technical blog. I saw no point in repeating my self.

Lets catch up. We have had the show that was the Friday just gone. It was very good and fun. Hard work to put it up but it was good. Im going to take some pic's on Thu so I will add those when iv got a mo.

At this very point in time im sitting in the studio waiting for 2:00pm because this is the day I get the results of my whole 4 years of study.

Im so scared and really really dont want to see what I got but I do in the same moment. Iv been lissening to Pie Jesu over and over again to try and carm my self down and its sort of working.

The time is getting closer and closer tho and im not looking forward to it.

Talk later



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