Sunday, February 26, 2006

Review Feedback


·       You are making really good progress and there is lots of potential in your ideas.
·       Be honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
·       Keep focused on why you really want to do this project.
·       You are aiming to create an atmosphere in this room, make sure that you don’t include too much.
·       You have lots of potential to get people interested in the project before the installation through the website, so that some visitors to the show will already feel that they are familiar with the people. 
·       Who is the stalker?
·       How much is this you exposing your dark side?
·       Look at the old technique of ‘Trashing’ – collecting rubbish that people leave out, like bank statements, letters etc. Having things like this in carefully labelled bags would add to the creepyness of the installation.
·       You might get more out of a private detective if you tell them what you are doing and ask them about what they do. They might be much happier to work for you if you are up front about it.
·       Look at Manu Luksh and ‘CCTV Fiction’
·       Look at a work by artist Janice Kerbel called ‘Bank Job’ where she makes intricate drawings to plan a bank robbery.
·      It might be useful to meet people in the University Forensic Science department.


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