Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Picture Frame

Iv created the base image for the Picture Frame in photoshop Iv distorted it and made it look like the colour has run out of it.

Iv take it into Flash and Iv been experimenting with getting words to flash up on top of it. I tryed it at a frame rate of 12 but that was two slow. I checked out the Derren Brown site again and it runs faster I have tryed 30 and its a lot better.

At this point in time I have just animated the words appering. I can do this but it will take a long time as I want several things to apear and I dont want people to be able to realise its a loop so It will be a lot of frams.

I have considered programing it in Flash Action Script but after spending the afternoon looking at it and trying to work out how. Im going to check out the Derren Brown site a bit more and make a disision as to weather I should program it (attempt) or animate it.

Im leaning to animation at this point in time as I no this area more and have more skills in it.



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