Monday, February 06, 2006

Picker Problems

Ok the story so far.

I have downloaded Picker and SupperColider. I tryed to run them on my Laptop that runs OSX I did not think this would be a problem as it can boot things that are for OS9. However I could not get the two programs to talk to each other.

With SupperColider there is a run command and I assumed that this would run what ever I had opened. (the patch/program provided with Picker to make the two talk to each other) However this was not the case. It runs a thing called Mixer and the Mixer has several slide bars that can by the looks of it run a program. When I do the run command the mixer apears and a program called Soup plays this makes very strange noises but has nothing to do with Picker. I have tryed to stop the program and get it to play the program I wish it to but to no availe.

I emailed Rob Lycett and asked him as I no that he has used Picker in the past. He told me to try running the programs on a computer Booted in OS9. I have tryed this on my old iMac but I am haveing the same problems.

I have emailed Rob back with this problem and Im awaiting a reply. I have also emailed Enrike from Ixi who is currently a research associate at huddersfield. This info came from Iman and Iv dropped Enrike an email and Im hopeing for a reply and help.


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