Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just to catch up

Iv been away from my blog for a few days well its a bit more than a few really but Iv been thinking and been drawing/doodeling and thinking in my note book.

Iv come up with my idea I like it and so does Jen. Iv started planning it and getting bits for it.

Im in persuite of a Matel JuiceBox which is a MP3 and Media playing device with a screen. Im going to turn it into a picture frame that has a moving image.

Iv completade and handed in my Dissertaion thanks the gods. That was getting to be a pain at the end to much faffing about with fanicaty details and worrying if it was all ok. But its over and done with know so im moving onto the fun bits.

Im going to add another entry in about what my project is going to be eather tomorrow or Wednessday.

Im in Northampton at the Mo been home to see mum and dad and celebrate my Birthday with them. Its a week early but I want to be in Huddersfield for my actual Birthday on the 29th. I can't belive im going to be 24 its madness.

My project has realy sparked my imagination again and its back as I have said in previouse entrys back to my fav subject of the darker side of humanity.



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