Friday, February 24, 2006

Update on Project

The Presentation went well. Iman wanted to keep my boards to pin up. (Thats kind of cool.) 

I spoke to Rob again about the audio for my project after I had sodo coded what I wanted it to do. After talking about what I wanted I decided that it would be better if the system recorded what the people were saying or the noises they were makeing and then played them back to them but backwards. 

This ment that the system would be made easyer as we would not need to use the blob detector that I had worked on for the other Idea. We were to use the infared monitors used in burgalar alarm systems to turn on and off the recording. 

Rob mentioned that Spencer had used this technology and to talk to him. This I did and he told me that the easyist way to do it was to get a burglar alarm/door bell for £20 from B&Q and then he would help me hook it up to a computer and use that as the senser. He then suggested sitting in on his Processing lectures as he would then be able to help with the record and play back system.

I got the burglar alarm/door bell from B&Q and took it to Spencers lecture today. We are going to have a better look at it next week. But the Processing we looked at today did not look as scarry as I thought it would. Im chuffed.


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