Sunday, April 02, 2006

Up to date

Iv not been adding much to my blog these last few weeks in fact iv not added anything since the amy noakes shop. This is because I have been concentrating on my technical report and creating my project.

I have had another review the boards of which I will upload in the next post.

After the review, from the descussions I have decided to create an unofficial amy noakes site using Geocities. However I need a PC to be able to do this as the builder runs only on a PC not a Mac.

My audio system now works however the electronics part is haveing some hitches.

The video is done.

I am going to look around odd shops this easter holidays and get together a lode of things to go into the instalation.

Jen suggested testing out the instalation before the show however this could be tricky as I dont have a room to test it in. Im hopeing that after easter a door will have been placed on the projection space and black outs provided then I will set it up in there once I have my bits together.


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