Wednesday, September 28, 2005

1st explorations

Ok well its all a big adventure and at the moment I feel like Alice running down a dark tunal towards a very big hole and a long drop. My ideas for this new project involve Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland and Though the looking Glass, Bram Stokers Dracula and Jack The Ripper. I have always loved Alice and here adventures and the dream like world she explores. Dracula has links with Alice not only the Whitby conection of ware Bram wrote the storys and Lewis Carrol told his storys of Alice to other students on his mathamatics cource. Whitby has a very Gothic and Macarbe sence to it as well as a fair ground and happy holiday resort. Two sides of a coin. The Jack the Ripper part comes in because Lewis Carrol was one off the possible people in being Jack the Ripper. Lewis Carrol loved word games and the theory that ties him to being Jack (a very loss but interesting one) says that his books about Alice as well as his other works are anagrams and word games of his confessions to the murders.

Im also very interested in the Sexuality and Femanin of Alice and the Women in Dracula. The way that in the age these books were writen the Femanin was perseved in a different way to today and especialy in this industy which I have started working in. Computers and Strong Female's don't seem to conect. Im also interested in the way that Alice and the women in Dracula have become Sex icons. Being able to get a Sexy outfit of Alice or a Vampia or to play that lost female role has become a big thing in our sociaty. Just look in Ann Summers at all the outfits you can get and who you can protent to be.

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