Monday, February 27, 2006

Amy Noakes Website

I have finished the amy noakes website

Iv added meta tags so the site should start being ranked by search engians. I also submited it to several engians inc google and yahoo.

I have also mocked up a fake amazon page as in the biography page it mentions her book. I desided to mock up an amazon page where people could buy the book. If they go to buy the book it will come up with Jane Fonder as it was the Jane Fonder page I took the code from.

I had to create a book cover for the amazone page as well as finishing of the synopsis.

The Amy website also has two wallpapers that I created that people can download and have on there computer.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Review Feedback


·       You are making really good progress and there is lots of potential in your ideas.
·       Be honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it.
·       Keep focused on why you really want to do this project.
·       You are aiming to create an atmosphere in this room, make sure that you don’t include too much.
·       You have lots of potential to get people interested in the project before the installation through the website, so that some visitors to the show will already feel that they are familiar with the people. 
·       Who is the stalker?
·       How much is this you exposing your dark side?
·       Look at the old technique of ‘Trashing’ – collecting rubbish that people leave out, like bank statements, letters etc. Having things like this in carefully labelled bags would add to the creepyness of the installation.
·       You might get more out of a private detective if you tell them what you are doing and ask them about what they do. They might be much happier to work for you if you are up front about it.
·       Look at Manu Luksh and ‘CCTV Fiction’
·       Look at a work by artist Janice Kerbel called ‘Bank Job’ where she makes intricate drawings to plan a bank robbery.
·      It might be useful to meet people in the University Forensic Science department.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Update on Project

The Presentation went well. Iman wanted to keep my boards to pin up. (Thats kind of cool.) 

I spoke to Rob again about the audio for my project after I had sodo coded what I wanted it to do. After talking about what I wanted I decided that it would be better if the system recorded what the people were saying or the noises they were makeing and then played them back to them but backwards. 

This ment that the system would be made easyer as we would not need to use the blob detector that I had worked on for the other Idea. We were to use the infared monitors used in burgalar alarm systems to turn on and off the recording. 

Rob mentioned that Spencer had used this technology and to talk to him. This I did and he told me that the easyist way to do it was to get a burglar alarm/door bell for £20 from B&Q and then he would help me hook it up to a computer and use that as the senser. He then suggested sitting in on his Processing lectures as he would then be able to help with the record and play back system.

I got the burglar alarm/door bell from B&Q and took it to Spencers lecture today. We are going to have a better look at it next week. But the Processing we looked at today did not look as scarry as I thought it would. Im chuffed.

Widget Blogg

I just got the new Blogger Widget and it lets me blogg strait from my desktop oh so cool.

So this is my first Widget blog.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Boards For Review

Here are my boards that I produced for my review on the 22nd Feb. They are A1 and were printed.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rob's talk

A4 = 210x297
A3 = 420x297
A2 = 420x594
A1 = 840x594

20mm all round boarder not full bleed

Boards for Review

Review is on 22nd-23rd Feb

Required for review;

Present project
Produce 2-3 presentation boards to support project
Bring sketchbook and Blog URL

Boards should be;

A2 or A1 printed as well as provided as PDF

Contence of boards;

What board
+ a title
+ a one line description of the project
+ a summary of what the project is
+ imagery to support the look and feel / intention of the project
+ screen shots of the work (if appropriate)

Why board
+ What research have you done into this work?
+ What is the context that you are working in?
+ Who else is working in this field?
+ Might include; books, journals, art works, examples, websites, photo's you've
taken, things you've done. All documented.

How board
+ How will it work?
+ What technology are you planning to use?
+ How does it fit together?
+ What processes are you using?
+ If its an installation how will it look / show a floor plan.
+ If it is a narrative show your storyboards

*** Use these boards to help you to talk though your project. ***

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Picture Frame

Iv created the base image for the Picture Frame in photoshop Iv distorted it and made it look like the colour has run out of it.

Iv take it into Flash and Iv been experimenting with getting words to flash up on top of it. I tryed it at a frame rate of 12 but that was two slow. I checked out the Derren Brown site again and it runs faster I have tryed 30 and its a lot better.

At this point in time I have just animated the words appering. I can do this but it will take a long time as I want several things to apear and I dont want people to be able to realise its a loop so It will be a lot of frams.

I have considered programing it in Flash Action Script but after spending the afternoon looking at it and trying to work out how. Im going to check out the Derren Brown site a bit more and make a disision as to weather I should program it (attempt) or animate it.

Im leaning to animation at this point in time as I no this area more and have more skills in it.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Picker Problems

Ok the story so far.

I have downloaded Picker and SupperColider. I tryed to run them on my Laptop that runs OSX I did not think this would be a problem as it can boot things that are for OS9. However I could not get the two programs to talk to each other.

With SupperColider there is a run command and I assumed that this would run what ever I had opened. (the patch/program provided with Picker to make the two talk to each other) However this was not the case. It runs a thing called Mixer and the Mixer has several slide bars that can by the looks of it run a program. When I do the run command the mixer apears and a program called Soup plays this makes very strange noises but has nothing to do with Picker. I have tryed to stop the program and get it to play the program I wish it to but to no availe.

I emailed Rob Lycett and asked him as I no that he has used Picker in the past. He told me to try running the programs on a computer Booted in OS9. I have tryed this on my old iMac but I am haveing the same problems.

I have emailed Rob back with this problem and Im awaiting a reply. I have also emailed Enrike from Ixi who is currently a research associate at huddersfield. This info came from Iman and Iv dropped Enrike an email and Im hopeing for a reply and help.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I got Picker from the ixi soft website and then I got the free SuperCollider 2.2.16 a free rivel to the non free Max/MSP. But I cant get it to work. Im having lodes of problems with it and the help files are not helpful at all. Iv emailed the list to see if I can get any help.

Picker is cool cuz it should make audio from a streaming video (a webcam) this would be well cool if I could get it to work. As I could set the cam up in the room and then when people move about it would make interactive audio.

I just need to get the darn thing to work.

Magazine Covers

Iv finished the magazine covers I created them in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Here they are.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How silly can I be

Iv been thinking the past few weeks how could I create a digital photo frame Iv been looking at Matels Juice Box and was going to hack it. Iv looked at actualy getting a digital photoframe but those things cost a bome. Iv looked at the screens for mobile phones and game boys and then it finaly came to me

I HAVE AN OLD iMAC why not use that to be the screeen and also run the other things for the instillation. Durrrr!!!

Iv also just found a cool new program called Picker that will create audio from streaming Video and it runs on OS9 so im going to try and get a webcam from TRB and then test it when I get home as the Mac's in the studio as well as all there other little problems wont run OS9 (deep joy).

Im thinking that if Picker works how I think it does then It will make the room intereactive as when some one enters and moves around the room Picker will use there movements from the webcam to create odd noises and so adding another dimention to the experience.

Iv talked to Paul about working out how to video the rain on the window and he is going to help me do it with a sheet of glass and a hose pip when he is back from Micky Mouse land.

I can work on the images for the Pic frame as I know no I can use flash as I will use my iMac screen. (i need to get a frame for it)

Iv created one of the magazine covers and just need to work on the second one know. I found out today that images I have put a path on in photoshop can be placed into illustrator as PSD files and it takes the path with it. This is well cool and stops me having to take in transparent gifs and the quolity being rubbish.

Iv emailed the editors of 'Heat', 'Closer' and 'The Examinor' about the covers of there magazines and newspaper and to ask there assisnts with getting the to be more authentic. The newspaper printing will be the hardest as the paper and ink is very unique. It makes mokeing up the cover tricky.

I have contacted a Privet detective agency about following and photographing Amy but Iv had no response I will try another agency.

Im going to experiment with photocopying and enlarging the photos I have off Amy and making them very odd looking so that I can really put the message accross of obsestion.

I need to create some love tockans in the making and love/death threats out of newspaper cuttings.

I have a spare VHS video tape and I want to experiment with creating a very odd tape to play on the TV. I have access to the security cameras of my apartment block and so I can record some of those and possibly act to them. There are 4 cameras I have access to. I need to ask Amy if she can come up and stay again so I can record her at these cameras and possible the storker in the background watching. That would be very cool. I need to ask Kris if he could be my stalker.

Well thats about it for know I cant think off anything else at the mo if I do I will drop it in.