Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Murder Idea

Iv been thinking about this idea a bit more and its starting to sound more interesting. I like the idea of secret and hidden information that has been a big thing though out this project. The Stanhopes the Stnography. What if I create a room full of hidden information its all one big message. And I could base it on my fave subject of the dark side of a person.

Jen has told me about that artist that had a privet detective follow her around. I could do something simular to that. The GPS tracks my movements. The keylogger tracts my text. What if some one was storking me. What if I had a split personality and I was tracking my self. I could be storking my self or some one could be storking me. All the text all the movement and I could make it into a big storkers paradis room. Photos of me. The text the GPS and then make up fake news paper clippings and all sorts to make it look like im some one famouse.

The obsession and the tracking. Im shore I can think of something to tie in Willow to it as well. Eather the fact that its showing the hybrid elements of me though this malishuse tracking or the fact that its an exhibition of power the same as Willow exhibits her powe but though the Magicks and how that is a type of controle and how the storking/tracking is a type of controle.

I will think about it abit more and come back to the idea. Sleep on it so to say.

Im going to have a look at my dissertation today and get it a bit more sorted.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My fave Murder and Storking

Iv been thinking about my final project and I don't think I can do anything that's coded. Iv looked at processing and its all a lode of mumbo jumbo to me and Max/MSP costs the earth so unless I can get a copy of that and learn it. I don't think im going to be doing any codeing. Iv been trying to think what to do.

I need to have a solid Idea when I go back after xmas and Im just stressing my self out just thinking about it. I can't come up with a cool Idea.

I just re-read my project proposal and that told me what I was thinking of doing but I don't no it all sounds rubbish know. I want to start all over again and go back to what im good at. Dark murder stuff.

Do you think I can make this one into murder. I could go on the Dark Willow side and that every one has a secret and some peoples are murder. I could make a really nice dark murder sceen with mobile phone video evidence and all sorts of crime sceen evidence. That could be quite cool.

Student pushed over the edge kills uni friend due to presher of final year. I could mock up the hole sceen or the killers room with news paper clippings and storker type photos. What do you think. And though in a hint of the Ocult just for good mesure.

Power and Magic all in one big bag.

Ideas BrainStorm

Things Im looking at:

Willow - Magick, sexuality, power, Geek, hybrid


Hacking - people not data

Secrets - Stenography, invisable ink, secret films, hiden words (key logger), gps tracker, faking gps, patterns, a=1

my little problem

Ok thinking about it I think my little problem is a bigger problem than I fist though. Iv had a look at Proccessing and it all looks mumbo jumbo to me and as its all typing in code my problem with spelling isnt going to make it any easyer. Im going to have to think of another way round this.

No Programing. No Code. If there is going to be code its going to be code I no and that code is HTML and thats it. I no some action script to get me by but thats it.

So lets think in the relms of realisum and less stress. What can I do and what Can I do well.


What fits with what im looking into?


I think that im going to use Processing to create my final piece. It is a free to download software and as it says on there site.

" The Processing environment is written in Java. Programs writen in Processing are also translated to Java and then run as Java programs. Programs written in Java and Processing will usually run faster than programs based on scripting languages like ActionScript and Lingo, which is important for many graphics applications.

Large distinctions between Processing and Java are the Processing graphics library and a simplified programming style that doesn't require users to understand more advanced concepts like classes, objects, or animation and double-buffering (while still making them accessible for advanced users). Such technical details must be specifically programmed in Java, but are integrated into Processing, making programs shorter and easier to read.

In the comparison below, Java 1.1 syntax is used for the drawing functions and events because it is most compatible with displaying Java Applets on the web."

However I am not good at programing so this could course problems. I can plan out what I want to happen its just getting all the things in the right place that could couse me a few problems. However If we are alowed to have outside help then this makes the problem easyer as I work with a programer outside of uni who is a good at all things code. This would leave me to deal with the more important things to me the how look and feel of the thing rather than the nitty gritty, muck and bulits.

Don't get me wrong I can understand and change code once its there but creating it out of thin air know thats a hole new ball game.

I will see any ways. I might be able to get away with not needing code at all but if I want to make something recognise someone is there and make the pretty things Iv just highlighed in the blog before this then I need some code.

Insperations (shadow & pond projection) (draws what it sees though a webcam)〈=en (floating.numbers & Gardens)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

yes folks its another idea

Friday, December 16, 2005

Presentation Feed Back


This is a really good start to your project, however there was some confusion about how your initial research contributes to your current idea. Keep thinking through how your ideas can become a real project, give yourself a deadline of the beginning of next term to fix on something.

When you describe the type recording software as a kind of spyware for companies, I was reminded of an artist called Sophie Calle who hired a Private Detective to follow herself.
You might also be interested in Teri Reub who does mobile projects, putting content into particular spaces.
How does your work relate to your dissertation? Are people exploring you whilst they are exploring the environment? How will the audience see the connections between the words? What is the text that you are distributing through the space? If people are exploring you through the city, how are you equating the city with your brain or your body. Are they both networks of some kind? There is a history of the body being seen as a landscape, and a text and a machine which might be interesting to you. Is it a distributed portrait? When its collected it makes something new. Does it matter what sentences people come up with? Do you have to be more precise about the content? There is a problem in a random system that you often only get meaning less stuff out of it. How do you focus what comes from it?
If you let the technology inform the project you can think about how you really use the features of the technology to do something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gps it could be Bluetooth perhaps.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Presentation Number 2

Shakespeare & Monkeys

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final Idea

Ok Iv had a long long think about my final project and how it should look and iv come up with some cool ideas but the one I like the most is this. (for the other ideas see my note book)

Ok picture this its a black room. You walk in and there are cusions on the floor and it looks a bit like a bed. Its all black sept for a projection accross the 2 walls and the celling but its very faint and does not do anything as you walk in.

You lie down on the floor and get comfee. You are wearing a pair of gloves you were given that look like conductors gloves. You were told to wave your arm round and round in a circle to get started and so you do. As you do the images from the projector starts to get more and more strong and some music starts (classical) and you find that as you move your hands you can control the patterns and words that are being projected onto the walls and celing. You can move things about and shift words and data by moving your hands.

This room represents my mind and the way that hidden data is kept and how I rember it and sometimes I dont want to and it feels like it slips though my finggers. Memorys, data, people all flotting about.

When you deside to leave you get up and the music fades and so do the images and text and it all slips back into the forgotton. You leave the room and so leave my mind and my world.

I don't no how I will get this to work properly as I will need to use a camera to recognice hand movements and then to move the images and words around. I will need technical help for this.


Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ok so my key logger is recording all of my text and creating a text file. My GPS is recording my movements and creating a text file. I tryed to fake a gps text file and as its just date, time, longitude, latitude and altitude its simple cuz its just numbers in a structure. This got me thinking when you read the text file the key logger is recording that has date and time codes as well and then its just text. If I could convert the text to numbers and apply some rules then i could turn the key logger file into a gps file and it would draw a funky picture.

This got me thinking. If each letter has a number to represent it ie a=1 b=2 and so on then words have a number. Then we just need to apply some rules to turn them into gps numbers.

eg the word - modest mouse (typed on the 11/18/2005 at 16:01:10) becomes 1315451920131521195 this is changed into the gps readings of
T 11/18/2005 16:01:10 13.15451 -1.92013 15.2

However the numbers 1195 are left over they are still in the same time and date therefor I cant add them to the next text therefor I need to create a rule. If there is not enuff letters to create all the numbers that are needed then a zero will be added at the end to fill in the spaces. So the 1195 creates a gps reading of
T 11/18/2005 16:01:10 11.95000 0.00000 0.0

I could change all of the text from the key logger into numbers and gps readings manualy however this will take an age cuz the 11/18/05 is 21 pages long and this will take a long time just to create one day. Therefor I need to create a program that will chage it for me.

If I could get this program to work in real time then as I type it would be creating images in the gps. This could be very interesting.

I just need to work out how to make the program that does it!!!!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dissertation Feedback

Here is my dissertation feedback from Stuart about my draft I handed in

1) I'd like to see more references to specific episodes
2) Consider Carrie as a reference - Magick as sexuality out of control. - Magick as a pubity metiphor
3) Look for conclusions in this text
5) Paragraph tagging and laying out on the floor to see if sections can be joined together
6) Read it aloud - does it sound right. (good for grammer)

Stuart read though my dissertation and except for the 6 points above and the bits that I wanted to add anyway (conclusion, more theory references, primary research and parafrazing references) the only other things he noted were spellings, grammer and bits that need more elabertation.

All in all he said its good. Im dead chuffed!!! Iv never had a piece of righting that has been good its always been rubbish so Im over the moon. :)